Food is Healing

Food Therapy is more than just about eating well for our physical body, it's also about taking care of our psychological needs — reaching a sense of well-being by taking care of ourselves and sharing with those around us. 

It Takes Me Home

Hi, I am Kristie. The thing I remember my grandma with most is her fuzzy melon and dried octopus soup. I moved from Hong Kong to Brooklyn when I was a teenager and I only got to see her when I went back for the summer. 

We lived on a little island called Cheung Chau. No car is allowed on it. Fishermen sell the freshest catches of the day in the market, but also hang some up to dry right by the pier. We get some of the best seafood - fresh and dried - on that little island. 

And fuzzy melons are in season in the summer, so naturally my grandma made the fuzzy melon and dried octopus soup a lot when I was back. I will never forget the smell coming from the simmering pot, the waves from the ocean, and how my grandma and I sometimes just sat, waited for the soup, and did nothing else in the hot summers. They say Cantonese soup is healing. It is. It takes me home.



The Creation of Sip Therapy

After years working at high stress jobs in the Silicon Valley, I want to offer something that not only makes us feel good physically, but also nourishes our psyche, like that bowl of chicken noodle soup you craved last time you were sick.

Eat to Harmonize

But there is more than soups taking me home. In my culture, we listen to our body, eat with the seasons, and take a holistic nutritional approach to achieve balance. 

In Western diet, the nutritional concept of food is described in terms of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and other nutritional content. The terms used in Eastern nutrition such as Traditional Chinese Medicine conceptualize nutrition in terms of its energetic properties like Yin-Yang (cold and hot) energy and its effect on different internal organs. For example, internal heat can be a result of heat-producing foods, dysregulation of organs, or psychological stress, similar to the Western concept of inflammation.


The key message of Eastern nutrition is a diet that tailors to:

  • Body Constitution: The body constitution is formed by our unique set of structural, physiological and psychological aspects.
  • Lifestyle: Living habits and environment affect our general welfare that might throw off our mental and physical balance.
  • Climate and Season: Not only do we pick the best seasonal produce directly from local farmers, we curate our soup menu according to seasonal needs.

At Sip Therapy, our wish is to make healing through foods accessible to more.

We are new to the San Francisco Bay Area!

We are able to bring clean and natural soups to your door thanks to our local producers and vendors: Kay Farm, CMC Farms, Salt Point SeaweedGambrel and Co., and Marin Sun Farms. Our fresh surplus soups are donated to those in need through the Peninsula Food Runners.

Markets and Fairs

We love introducing people in person to the world of Asian food therapy with our offerings and free recipes. Check out where we will be at our Facebook Events Page.


Free Office Tastings

Work at an office, yoga studio, health clinic that could use a warm cup of soup or refreshing beverages? Let us know and your first tasting is on us.


Planning an upcoming meeting or party? Whether you're looking for all natural nourishing soups or beverages, we're happy to work with your preferences and budget.

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