Listen to your body, eat with the seasons, and take a holistic nutritional approach to achieve balance.

In Western diet, the nutritional concept of food is described in terms of proteins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins, and other nutritional content. The terms used in Traditional Chinese Medicine conceptualizes nutrition in terms of its energetic properties like Yin-Yang (cold and hot) energy and its effect on different internal organs. For example, internal heat can be a result of heat-producing foods, dysregulation of organs, or psychological stress, similar to the Western concept of inflammation.


There is not one magical soup for everyone. The key message of Eastern nutrition is a diet that tailors to:

Body Constitution

The body constitution is formed by our unique set of structural, physiological and psychological aspects.


Living habits and environment affect our general welfare that might throw off our mental and physical balance.

Climate and Season

Not only do we pick the best seasonal produce directly from local farmers, we curate our soup menu according to seasonal needs.