After over one year of helping people create a sense of well-being through soups that take us home, it's with great sadness that we will be shutting down Sip Therapy. Thank you for supporting our passion and taking this journey with us to bring Asian healing soups to the San Francisco Bay Area. Reach out to us at for any questions.

Nourish Yourself with Sip Therapy

Traditional healing Asian soups delivered. 

Why Sip Therapy?

Every culture has their own healing soup that warms people from core to the fingertips. Sip Therapy wants to make this sense of well-being easily available to everyone through what we grew up with — Asian healing soups.

Traditionally Healing

Our soups are grounded in Asian food therapy principles to bring a supplementary boost to your diet. Each ingredient is chosen based on its healing properties.

All Natural

Made from scratch simmered for hours with ingredients that are fresh, local, pastured-raised, grass-fed, and organic, including Asian superfoods like goji berries and jujube.

At Your Fingertips

Delivered to your doorstep. No prep. Just warm up your cup, take a deep breath, sip, and get back on track! Add rice or noodles to make a full meal. 

How to Order

Home Delivery

Order through our site. We deliver fresh soups to San Francisco and the Peninsula (North of Palo Alto) every Sunday for a flat fee of $5 per order. Free delivery for orders over $50. Order deadline for delivery is Wednesday midnight every week.

Local Pickup

San Francisco: BiteUnite in the Mission everyday between 9 to 5.

The Peninsula: Bay Meadows farmer's market behind the Hillsdale Caltrain station every Sunday from 9:30 to 1:30 from May 20 to October 28.

Monthly Subscriptions

Try our monthly subscriptions! You get to customize how many bags and how frequently you want  Skip, adjust, or cancel anytime. Your order will renew every month and be delivered Sundays.

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